WileyBiz Business BooksWiley is the leading business book publisher globally today. Wiley’s business line publishes titles in a number of different categories with one general goal: to offer engaging and informative content designed to help business owners, managers, employees, and entrepreneurs succeed in their respective fields.

Whether they need assistance starting their own business, engaging their employees, or reaching new customers, our readers know that they can count on Wiley to provide them with the skills and information they need.

We publish content in the following categories, among many others:

WileyBiz publishes titles annually in print and digital, available globally through all major retailers. We have offices in the US, Canada, England, Denmark, Germany, Dubai, India, Singapore, Japan, China, Australia, and Brazil.

For more on Wiley’s storied history, starting in 1807, click here.

Wiley Offices, New York circa 1880

Wiley Offices, New York City circa 1880


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